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For site owners carrying out their own internet marketing or search engine optimisation activity, we've included some details of various premium resources....

Wordtracker: With a series of simple steps, Wordtracker displays the best keywords to use on your website pages. Wordtracker suggestions, are based on over 300 million keywords & these..... more details>>

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SEO Consultancy Services

A summary of the search engine optimisation and internet marketing services available through Firstco Internet Solutions.....

Website ranking graphicOur SEO and internet marketing consultancy services are primarily directed towards small businesses and individuals, who seek a more effective web presence and at a reasonable cost. Perhaps you already have a website created by a local web design company; have built your own website or are starting from scratch and need our full input? Whatever your circumstances, Firstco Internet Solutions can assist by working directly with you or your web designer as required. Apart from SEO and related expertise, we also have over 30 years experience in a "real world" sense, of business marketing and promotion.

This knowledge enables us to offer a more practical and qualified approach to ensuring your product or service, has a results driven presentation for achieving optimum sales or enquiries from your future website visitors. Below is a brief summary of our services - for further details, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.

Search Engine Optimisation:

On-Page Optimisation - Including, but not limited to checking for good design and conversion factors, relevant content, user friendly layouts and navigation; keyword research and density; latent semantic indexing checks; optimum use of page Title, Description and Keyword meta tags, Alt image and Robots tags; internal linking strategies and optimum url extensions. Page text length and copy effectiveness; optimum use of page headlines and sub-headlines, use and balance of keywords throughout page copy. Checks on use of images, graphics and other non spider readable elements.

Reviews and or recommendations for static and XML sitemaps; checks for any prior negative optimisation techniques and Google banned issues. Advanced keyword and keyword phrase research for both index and all internal pages, either for niche or mass market products and services. For further details of our search engine optimisation services, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.

Off-Page Optimisation:

Provision of link building services incorporating one-way linking strategies to industry related partner websites and categories. Based upon variable anchor and description text, to achieve and maintain relevance and effectiveness. Wherever possible, we maintain minimum PR1 partner links and above in all our campaigns and across Google indexed linked pages. All link campaign instructions tailored to the individual client's needs. Our link services are human generated without the use of automated software. We can also provide home page link services, key Directory submissions and article writing submission. For further details of our search engine optimisation services, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.

PPC Management:

PPV management graphicObtaining good search engine positioning in the natural search results, is not something that happens overnight and during this time-span, using pay-per-click [PPC] or cost-per-click advertising can be very effective. It can also be a positive and ongoing source for business, in instances where obtaining Top 10 natural listings on extremely competitive keywords, is likely to be a long term strategy. The majority of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, all sell premium or sponsored listings - usually the first few results at the top of the page and on a cost per click basis.

Our PPC management input can include - creating PPC accounts with search engines; analysis of competitor keywords and costs; production of a comprehensive list of relevant search terms; writing creative ad text for keyword and keyword phrases; creating effective landing pages where required, bid management and ROI reporting. For further details of our PPC Management services, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.

Internet Marketing:

Internet marketing graphicAlthough search engine optimisation and pay-per-click, are all part of the internet marketing process, other areas of website promotion we can assist with, include but are not limited to:- Banner advertising and traffic exchanges, press releases, opt-in pages and email marketing. Multiple domain name acquisition for variations of business name and service/product type. Add URL input to email signatures, newsgroups, forums and blogs.

Web 2.00 marketing to social networking, social bookmark and video websites; affiliate marketing and JV [joint venture] participation. Recommendations for offline exposure including print media, business stationary, company vehicles, clothing and promotional items. For further details of our internet marketing services, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.


Copywriting graphicWhilst generating targeted traffic to your website is one key challenge, turning your visitors into enquirers and buyers is just as important if not more so. A website with plenty of traffic and few sales, is not a lot better then one with little traffic and no sales. Certainly as a first impression, the website needs to look professional and easy to navigate, but more often or not it is the power of the written word that will turn visitors into paying customers and provide a winning edge over your competitors.

Carefully selected wording for headlines, sub-headlines and page copy, can not only create the positive image one seeks to portray, but also the call to action required in terms of sales and enquiries. Our copywriting input will first determine who the writing is directed at; what you hope to achieve and the information to convey. Whether the brief is to inform, influence, persuade or sell, the desired message can be produced for your target market with the right copy. Our copywriting service is available for website and brochure content, articles, email newsletters, power headlines and ad text. For further details of our website copywriting services, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.

Web Design & Hosting:

Web design graphicOur take on web design is simple. A website should create a positive first impression, look clean and professional, but the look needs to be in direct relation to the content and what you want the website to achieve. From a search engine ranking perspective, the design itself scores zero points and often design elements such as images, graphics, flash etc., can actually get in the way of the site being properly crawled and indexed.

Navigation of the website should be easy and intuitive, giving the visitor easy access to the information being sought. People want to know immediately, what your website is really all about and if it is likely to supply what they are searching for and in general...beyond that first impression, they have little or no interest in the design and animation skills of the designer or programmer.

We offer a basic in-house web design service, that adheres to this philosophy of simplicity and functionality - perfect for small businesses, individuals, entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations. Should your website needs reach beyond this brief though, we have a skill-set of award winning expertise available to match your most exacting of requirements. For further details of our web design services, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.

SEO Training & Coaching:

As internet marketing consultants, obviously the main thrust of our services are aimed at clients who seek our direct, hands-on involvement with their website promotion. However we are also aware, that there are numerous people working online, who for one reason or another, desire to implement and manage all or part of their own SEO and internet marketing input. In many of these instances, website owners have perhaps acquired any number of the plethora of books and eBooks on search engine optimisation; bought various software tools, are regular visitors at the various SEO forums and so on. In some instances though, still those all important Top 10 or Top 20 search rankings, remain out of reach....and it is towards this typical scenario and at the complete novice too, that our personal SEO Training and Coaching is directed.

Our one to one and small group workshops, can really make the difference in achieving your search marketing goals and likely save weeks if not months, of costs and frustration. Currently, we don't operate a fixed calendar of SEO Training days but schedules permitting, we can provide these based on demand. Should this be something that would be of value to you or your company, please register your interest Here first and check our seo price guide too.:-

For our help in making your website more search engine friendly, please first enter your name and primary email address below:-


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As an independent SEO and internet marketing consultancy, we do not employ any sales staff and therefore prefer where possible, to manage all initial enquiries through our web form system.

This will provide you with the opportunity to tell us about your website, business and marketing requirements and to learn more about our services and prices etc. From the information you supply, we will then preview your website free of charge and then advise of our observations and initial recommendations accordingly. To proceed on this basis, please enter your Name and Email opposite.

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