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For site owners carrying out their own internet marketing or search engine optimisation activity, we've included some details of various premium resources....

Wordtracker: With a series of simple steps, Wordtracker displays the best keywords to use on your website pages. Wordtracker suggestions, are based on over 300 million keywords & these..... more details>>

SEO Book: Triple your own website traffic in 90 days or you don't pay a penny - that's the guarantee from Aaron Wall with his acclaimed 256 page PDF ebook. Why buy an ebook? Well as Aaron states, search engines evolve every year and some specific..... more details>>>

RSS Content Builder: RSS Feeds are a simple, but very powerful way of generating instant and relevant content for websites. Even until quite recently, adding RSS feeds meant installing complicated scripts on each domain for where you wanted to  display the.... more details>>>

Web CEO: Rapidly proven to be a first class search engine optimisation tool. The major benefit of this SEO software program, is that it  provides all that you need to operate and promote your websites. In fact, the Web CEO product won "Best Suite for Web"  at SoftRegatta 2004, a software ...more details>>

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Need Help With Your Website Promotion? Freelance internet marketing and SEO consultant, offers effective and proven search engine marketing services.

Internet marketing tools, search engine optimization software & other SEO and marketing related resources.......

On this page we have included brief introductions to a number of search engine optimization and internet marketing tools for those who perhaps have SEO goals of their own or are perhaps webmasters, seeking to upgrade their own personal resources for achieving improved search engine ranking and placement. All of the resources listed below, are used or have been tested, by ourselves and are accordingly recommended.

Do keep in mind though, that there is no substitute for well optimised pages and quality content -  no search engine related software product, will magically present you with a No1 position on Google. However, SEO can be very labour intensive and quality software tools - that can speed up various processes, save time and present useful analytical data, is in our view a worthwhile and crucial investment in the search engine optimisation process.

Internet Marketing Tools & SEO Software:-


Through a series of easy steps, Wordtracker will display which are the best keywords to use on the pages on your website. Wordtracker's suggestions, are based on over 300 million keywords and phrases that internet users have searched on over the preceding 100 days. When researching which keywords to use, there is no guessing when you use Wordtracker.

The entire program operation, is based on the keywords and keyword phrases that millions of people have actually typed into search engines. What's more, their competitive analysis tool enables you to find those "best keywords" - the ones your potential customers and clients use, but which your competitors do not know about. For further details and to try out Wordtracker for free, please CLICK HERE.

Keyword Elite:

Having two keyword tools sitting here one under the other, may seem odd but whilst Wordtracker and Keyword Elite both have similar keyword research features, Keyword Elite does have an edge in some respects on returned search data, but also has other user options that are certainly a must have, for PPC marketing.

The Keyword Elite software has 5 main features: Analyze PPC Listings - view the top pay-per-click bids on Overture, Google Adwords, Ehance and Miva for your selected keywords; Keyword List Creation - build a massive list of 10,000 in a single search session; Select Keyword List - over 2 million built into the software.

Analyze Keyword Competition - this checks out the competition in terms of rank and the SEO research aspect, also provides various tag data too; Spy On Adwords Competition - does what it says on the tin...track your market sectors competing ads on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Tools like this simply remove all the guesswork from the keyword selection process - no excuses now for finding niche markets. Keyword Elite is produced by Brad Callen, creator of SEO Elite [see below]. For further details Click Here.

RSS Content Builder:

RSS Feeds are a simple, but powerful method of generating instant and relevant content for websites. Until recently, adding RSS feeds meant installing difficult scripts on each of the domains where you wanted to display the feed content.

Michelle Timothy has now produced a superb application that allows you to create RSS feeds for all of your websites and from the one easy to use control panel.  If you want to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to add search engine friendly RSS feeds to your website and get laser targeted content, then RSS Content Builder is for you. For further details Click Here

SEO Elite:

Often referred to as the lazy guys way to SEO success, with the SEO Elite downloadable software, you're just a few clicks away from having a simple, easy to use software program that can automatically research for you what your competitors are doing, to get higher search engine listings than you.  Armed with this information, better search engine placement for you, can become a step closer.

With this quality search engine positioning tool you will discover exactly how to achieve and retain high search engine rankings for your websites. Additionally, you'll find out everything there is to know about your competitor's linking strategy and precisely why they rank so well in the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. These are just a couple of the features and benefits of this amazing SEO Lite software - really must be seen. For further details  please CLICK HERE.

Web CEO:

Web CEO is a more recent discovery for us, but is rapidly proving to be a first class tool for search engine optimisation. The major benefit of this SEO software program, is that it provides all that you need to operate and promote your websites. In fact, Web CEO was awarded "Best Suite for Web" at SoftRegatta 2004, a software competition supported and sponsored by Microsoft Oracle.

In total, Web CEO has 12 tools to assist you in promoting your website in search engines; to analyse visitor traffic and provide maintenance to your online presence. Best of all though, Web CEO comes with a Free Edition download (fully functional and no time limits). For further details, please CLICK HERE.


Search engine optimisation and positioning, has changed over the past few years and online businesses today need more than just a submission program. What's required is a complete promotion, positioning and optimization program that changes with the times and keeps up to-date with the latest trends. AddWeb Promoter 8 provides all the tools necessary to help create better visibility and the opportunity gain improved search engine ranking.

These days, submitting alone is rarely effective and any attempt to inappropriately boost search engine positioning, will often result in disaster. The most successful websites, start out with a comprehensive plan to optimise and promote, building a good website with relative content, and by building link popularity. Addweb can assist in these processes, for further details and a free trial, please CLICK HERE.

Ad Word Analyzer:

Pay Per Click [PPC] is extremely popular and is the only method of search engine marketing that can achieve highly targeted traffic to your website TODAY. It is an immediate advertising medium and often customers establish their Google AdWords or Overture accounts and gain traffic to their websites, within the same hour. Until now, there have been two major problems with Pay Per Click advertising - it takes too much time and it has become too expensive for most people to use.

 With Ad Word Analyzer 3.0, you can now search for keywords and their related Google AdWords and Overture campaigns and receive back a list of related keyword phrases; the number of searches that were conducted throughout the previous month for each keyword phrase and the number of advertising campaigns that currently exist - for both Google AdWords AND Overture. Although advocates of natural search engine positioning, PPC has its place and Ad Word Analyzer 3.00 is well worth reviewing. For further details,  CLICK HERE.


SEO Book:

Triple your website traffic in 90 days or you don't pay a penny - that's the guarantee from Aaron Wall with his superb 256 page PDF ebook. Why buy an ebook? Well as Aaron states, search engines as an industry, evolve every year and some specific search engines change numerous times each month. For that reason alone, it's impossible for normal publishing processes to produce a physical book that's still relevant and current on the the subject of search engine optimization.

With Aaron's SEO Book, if a major change happens this week or next month with the search engines, he assures your copy will have the latest news and cutting edge techniques. Although primarily written for the novice to intermediate level search engine marketers, even those well skilled at SEO are bound to find one or two new good tips or tools. SEO Book is highly recommended - for further details, CLICK HERE.


If you're using an autoresponder and have been for some time, you'll already appreciate the valuable benefits of following up with your prospects -- especially when they're hot and willing to buy. If not, let me briefly explain...

A visitor sends an email to a specific address or fills out a form on your website. An instant email reply is sent straight away. That's what most typical autoresponders do. But this "smart" autoresponder from Getresponse, goes further by granting you three specific capabilities. With it, you can follow up with your visitors, prospects or clients instantly, automatically and sequentially! For further details and to download a free version, please Click Here.


Determining how to effectively communicate with customers and clients on an ongoing basis, is what can make or break any business. One of the better ways to reach your customers, leads and prospects is by email. With the help of their leading email marketing software, GroupMail you can make email work for any business.

With GroupMail you can easily create, grow and broaden relationships with customers; market products and services globally, expand your online presence and website effectiveness with newsletters, permission based marketing and much more. For further details and to download a free version, please CLICK HERE.


Included for our UK based customers, 123-reg is a market leader in domain name registration and web hosting solutions. You can expect nothing but the best. All your domain names will be hosted in the UK in their state of the art data centre and if you are planning to have us help with the design of your website, 123-reg is the right place to register your domain name.

So start saving today and register (or transfer !) your domain name to 123-reg. Their reliable automated service means they can offer lots of extra features with your domain and still deliver some of the lowest prices around. Their new bulk domain name prices give a generous discount when you register multiple domains. For further details, please CLICK HERE.

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