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For site owners carrying out their own internet marketing or search engine optimisation activity, we've included some details of various premium resources....

Wordtracker: With a series of simple steps, Wordtracker displays the best keywords to use on your website pages. Wordtracker suggestions, are based on over 300 million keywords & these..... more details>>

SEO Book: Triple your own website traffic in 90 days or you don't pay a penny - that's the guarantee from Aaron Wall with his acclaimed 256 page PDF ebook. Why buy an ebook? Well as Aaron states, search engines evolve every year and some specific..... more details>>>

RSS Content Builder: RSS Feeds are a simple, but very powerful way of generating instant and relevant content for websites. Even until quite recently, adding RSS feeds meant installing complicated scripts on each domain for where you wanted to  display the.... more details>>>

Web CEO: Rapidly proven to be a first class search engine optimisation tool. The major benefit of this SEO software program, is that it  provides all that you need to operate and promote your websites. In fact, the Web CEO product won "Best Suite for Web"  at SoftRegatta 2004, a software ...more details>>

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Freelance internet marketing and SEO consultant, offers effective and proven search engine marketing services.

Check Alexa - Traffic Ranking Tool

The Alexa Traffic Ranking tool enables you to view and compare various Alexa Traffic charts. You can choose the data type from Reach, Rank and Page Views*

Enter the exact url [include the www.] of the domain you want to check  - you can enter up to 5 different domains for comparisons.

From the drop down menus, select Data Type and Data Range and then click the View button.

Note that Alexa does not separately rank sub domains - these will be the same as the main domain.

Your domain(s): Enter each address on a new line (Maximum of 5 domains)
Data type:Data range:

 *Alexa Traffic Rank Explained...
The Alexa traffic rank is based on historical website traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and reflects a combined measurement of web page views and users (reach).

Alexa Reach Explained...
The Alexa Reach measures the number of users and is typically expressed as a percentage of all Internet users who visit a particular web site. For example, if a site such as has a reach of 28%, this means that if random samples of one million Internet users were considered, on average you would find that 280,000 of them visited

Alexa Page Views Explained...
The Alexa Page Views are based on the number of web pages viewed by Alexa Toolbar users. If a user views the same page multiple times on the same day, these are counted only once. The resulting page views per user figures, are the average number of unique web pages viewed per user per day, by the users visiting the web site.
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Check a web sites backlinks from search engines.
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Alexa Traffic Rank
View a web sites traffic ranking...
Bulk Google & Alexa PR
Check up to 10 domains simultaneously...
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Check ranking for a specific keyword or phrase..
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Keyword Density Checker
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