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Internet marketing consultant and freelance SEO, provides both effective and proven, search engine optimisation services.


For many new website owners and indeed, even for some who've maybe had an online presence for months and sometimes years, the lack of website traffic, enquiries and sales, is an all too familiar situation.

Beyond the first impressions of work colleagues, family, friends and perhaps a few existing clients, the initial excitement and optimism of launching a website can soon rapidly turn into frustration and despair, with the stark realisation that nobody....actually goes there.

Why? Quite simply because the website cannot be found by the one method that 81% [Forrester Research] of internet users depend on, for seeking out the products and services they require......

Search Engines....


As you're no doubt already this very moment, potential customers are using Google, Bing, Yahoo or some other search engine, for information about all manner of products or services and quite likely, some that you may well be in a position to supply. But can these potential customers find your website when searching?

Unless this is positioned within the first couple of pages of the search engine results [Top 20] and more preferably, within the top section of Page 1 [Top 10],  the search visitors to your website are going to be very few and far between. And the sales and enquiries even less.....

All this sound familiar? Quite likely it does.....and the fact you've searched and found this website, tends to indicate you're probably seeking dependable internet marketing methods, that will present your online business with the search visibility and success it no doubt deserves. 

So what's the solution?

Well, if you have deep pockets and plenty of management time or indeed the budget to out-source, then paid search engine advertising [PPC - Pay-Per-Click] like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter may be the answer. Managed correctly, PPC advertising can certainly achieve almost instant targeted traffic and ongoing results....but at a price that these days, is continually spiralling upwards. If PPC Management is your requirement though, as internet marketing consultants, we can certainly assist directly with this and likewise, with Social Media exposure on mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn  and so on.

Optimisation: Natural organic search, the preferred option...

However, good positioning within the natural organic search results, should be the goal if you're seeking long term, cost-effective website promotion and this can be achieved through carefully planned, search engine optimisation of your website. Although not exactly rocket science, success with this approach though does not happen overnight and requires understanding, patience and a time commitment on an ongoing basis.

Once established though, leads and business generated from natural search engine rankings are free and thus affording great savings on conventional marketing costs and pay-per-click advertising. What's more, among most market sectors, natural search engine listings tend to achieve far higher click through and conversion rates than pay-per-click ads, resulting in an enhanced return on investment.

*Proven results...just a few of the Top 10 Search Engine Ranking results for this website on: GOOGLE UK

"internet marketing solutions"
Page: 1 Position: #2 Competition:   203,000,000

"freelance search marketing"
Page: 1 Position: #3 Competition:    29,200,000
"website marketing solutions"
Page: 1 Position: #2 Competition:  355,000,000
"internet marketing consultancy"
Page: 1 Position: #8 Competition:  116,000,000
"internet marketing consultants"
Page: 1 Position: #7 Competition:  385,000,000
"marketing solutions consultants"
Page: 1 Position: #5 Competition:    26,600,000

"consultant search solutions"
Page: 1 Position: #1 Competition:    62,000,000
"freelance search marketing consultants"
Page: 1 Position: #2 Competition:    74,600,000
"search marketing solutions"
Page: 1 Position: #5 Competition:   341,000,000
"search marketing solutions"
Page: 1 Position: #5 Competition:   339,000,000
"freelance search consultant"
Page: 1 Position: #3 Competition:     3,260,000
"freelance search engine optimisation"
Page: 1 Position: # 2 Competition:     106,000,000
         *Last seen and verified on 01/01/2012. See more live search ranking results for this website and a selection of our clients, at our Case Studies page.

SEO services & internet marketing consultants...

Since 1999, freelance seo services and internet marketing consultants, Firstco Internet Solutions have continually studied and applied various website optimisation and online marketing strategies to both increasing and positive effect.

Based firmly upon the principals of Google, MSN and Yahoo webmaster guidelines, this has resulted in some impressive, targeted search engine rankings - both for clients and for the promotion of this, our own SEO and internet business website - see opposite, plus our Case Studies page. We certainly don't pretend to be the usual, "seo experts" or internet marketing "gurus" - preferring instead to let our published search engine ranking results, to hopefully afford a good indication of our ability and approach.

Effective web presence at a reasonable cost....

Currently, our SEO and internet marketing consultant services, are primarily directed towards small businesses and individual website owners, who seek a more effective web presence and at a reasonable cost. Schedules permitting, we'll also consider enquiries from larger organisations and independent web designers, perhaps seeking to out-source their own clients SEO requirements.


Whatever your situation, you'll find us to be friendly and approachable and with over 30 years experience in business marketing in general, we'll likely to rapidly grasp a good understanding of your product or service and the market sector you're seeking to penetrate.

Find the top 10 best web hosting plans at The Top 10 Best today.

So where do you go from here? Well from past experience, we're aware that all clients needs are different and thus individual, hence why in our opinion, no "one size fits all" approach to internet marketing exists. What's more, we're also mindful to the fact that in general, the SEO community has a tendency to surround itself with a whole bunch of terminology, jargon and "geek speak" which for many people - particularly those new to website promotion, can find both confusing and somewhat daunting. 

Also, with so many individuals, companies and organisations offering search engine optimisation services these days, where do you start in finding the right way forward and advice you can trust? The reality, is that many SEO companies and consultants, do offer a first class and excellent service. But as with all business sectors, there's always those who are prepared to mislead the unsuspecting.

In particular, be cautious with companies who send unsolicited emails about their services; offer paid search engine submissions; only promote their services in Pay-Per-Click ads; offer "guaranteed" Page 1 positions and so on. Always ask to see evidence of search engine rankings achieved and where possible, talk directly with past and present clients.

So in conclusion...if you've read this far and are wondering if Firstco Internet Solutions can assist with your search engine optimisation and internet marketing needs, simply enter your name and primary email address below and start discovering exactly how we can help.

 Your internet marketing enquiry..                                              .

As an independent SEO and internet marketing consultancy, we do not employ any sales staff and therefore prefer where possible, to manage all initial enquiries through our web form system.

This will provide you with the opportunity to tell us about your website, business and internet marketing requirements and to learn more about our services and prices etc. From the information you supply, we will then preview your website free of charge and then advise of our observations and initial recommendations accordingly. To proceed on this basis, just enter your Name and Email opposite.

Want to talk with us first? Call: 020-3239-4185

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